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As an evergreen sports enthusiast, I have been watching, listening and keeping track of sport events for like 20 years now. Play at cardbonus.net suggested casinos. It all started with a couple of friends, beers and small 20$ bets, back in those days. Then I just fell in love with sports and sports betting and wherever I went, I made sure I had radios, TVs or newspaper around me, to keep me updated.

Although I am not a professional gambler in this field but I am quite close to both forms of sports betting, that is ?

- Live sports betting

- Online sports betting

Ever since those good old college days, I had one favorite basketball team and I loved to keep tabs on them. One day I was just sifting through web pages for info on my favorite team's progress and ended up on a decent online sports betting site, check if Mona Casino offers sports betting. From then on, there was no turning back and I went knee deep into online sports betting.

Online sports betting is a giant industry, that the first thing you are supposed to notice. You can find a multitude of sports book and it will provide you odds and betting lines. The best thing is that there are review sites which are there to provide reviews on top online sports betting sites. Just visit them, before you make any hasty decisions or try other casino games like Online Poker.

All in all, even to an inexperienced bettor, online sports betting can be a huge turn on, you can gamble at Bwin Online Casino. Choose a site carefully as I believe, it should reflect;

- Clear payment options

- Easy currency compatibility

- Live Customer Support (Not the one with emails and no phone call facility)

- And most importantly, your favorite website should reflect your;

- Personality

- Taste

- And your favorite sports